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Managed Services

VitalCORE is a Technology Services Partner, focused on enabling and empowering our clients through the acquisition, integration and management of technology. The key to all our client success is Managed Services.

Mergers & Acquisitions [ITT] 

IT & Technology Integration

plays a pivotal role during a Merger & Acquisition (M&A) by facilitating the seamless consolidation of disparate technology systems, infrastructure, and data between the merging entities.

In today's digital age, where technology underpins nearly every aspect of business operations, effective integration is essential for achieving synergies, enhancing efficiency, and maximizing the value of the deal.


VitalCORE can enable your organization to harmonize IT landscapes, streamline processes, and leverage combined resources to drive innovation and competitive advantage.

Managed Technology [MTS] 

A Comprehensive Service

offered to our clients to oversee, optimize, and maintain the technological infrastructure of their networks.

Total Control of Options

This includes a broad variety of aspects related to network management, server maintenance, software updates, security patches, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting

IT without worry

Our services allow you as our client to focus on core business activities without worrying about the complexities of managing your technology stack.


Managed Security [MSS] 

Scalable Solutions

that provide management and enhancement of the security posture of your organization's IT infrastructure, networks, and data assets.

Peace of Mind

These services are designed to protect against a wide range of cyber threats and security vulnerabilities while allowing you, our client, to focus on your core operations. We'll do the heavy-lifting, you run your busin

Define your Defense
  • Threat Detection & Monitoring

  • Incident Response Management

  • Vulnerability Management

  • SIEM [Secure Information and Event Management]

  • Firewall and IDS/IPS Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention Systems

  • Endpoint Security

  • Awareness Training

  • Compliance & Regulatory Support

Transition & Assumption [TAS] 

Technology transition

- support that enables the provision of technical assistance, expertise, and resources to facilitate the smooth transition of technology infrastructure, systems, and operations during various stages of organizational changes such as divestitures, expansions, restructuring, or new business integration.

Our Focus - on you!

VitalCOR support is focused on minimizing disruptions, ensuring continuity of IT services, and optimizing the utilization of technology resources to align with the newly defined needs and objectives of your business.


Resilience & Recovery [RRS] 


Resilience and recovery services encompass a set of proactive measures and reactive strategies designed to safeguard digital assets, mitigate disruptions, and ensure business continuity in the face of unforeseen events or disasters.


Together, resilience and recovery services form a comprehensive framework to enhance the reliability, availability, and integrity of technology infrastructure and data assets.

The right time is now!

By proactively investing in resilience measures and having robust recovery plans in place, organizations can minimize the impact of disruptions, protect against data loss, and maintain trust and confidence among stakeholders even in the face of adversity.

It's never a question of "if", but "when". Let us help you prepare appropriately. We will have an operational plan for service design in place within 7 days of our consultation.


Grow Your Vision

It's time to let technology work for you

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